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Piano Lessons

Ready to take piano to a whole new level? Taking Lessons to a Whole New Level

Hello everyone! My name is Michael Winters, and I am the owner of "The Musical Paradise©." 

                                                     The Musical Paradise

Piano lessons are great for both adults and for kids, and has been scientifically PROVEN to:

-Inspire Creativity

-Reduce Stress

-Improve Classroom Learning


(For a good list of more benefits of piano, click here)


If you're considering taking lessons, please read as much as you are willing below.

But, if you are anxious to start, and want to skip ahead to check availability and my lesson policy details refer to the bottom of the page for our piano lesson policy. 

Below is just my take on piano lessons, it's benefits, and my qualifications. 


Lessons for your children:

I've gone over some benefits of learning an instrument.

I've established to you that I am qualified in the ways of music, specifically piano and how it works. I'm in the program, I can teach you, but can I teach your kids?

Honestly, one can never be too careful with their children. I TOTALLY get it. You don't know me, I don't know you, that's SCARY!!! 

Although I can honestly say, I have plenty of experience with kids. 

As the youngest of 10 children, between my siblings and my step-family, I have been an uncle since I was seven years old. Let me say that again....

"I have been an uncle since I was seven years old."


I have been around kids. I have babysat kids before. I have taught kids and helped raise and watch kids.

My Family This is my family. I'm the extremely cute one on the bottom. (left of course)

This includes having taught lessons before:

Kids I've Taught Piano Lessons To

Still not convinced? I would like to tell you about my volunteer work. 

I presently volunteer at "The Family Place" in Logan. They are currently the only children's shelter in all of Rich and Cache County Utah.


I'm not volunteering there because of some school assignment, nor am I volunteering there because I am going into a counseling or therapy field. 

I am volunteering there because I WANT  to. That's right. I WANT  to. 

I LOVE  kids! I love working with them and helping them. I go there and I do something I love, and it is SO fulfilling!

It is amazing to see a kid's smile and know that you did something positive and good in their life. 


My Background:

It is NEVER too late to learn piano and enjoy the many benefits it allows you to harness. Take me for example:

I loved music. Always have. I have learned a plethora of instruments, and have performed in theater, show choir, choir, band, and instrument solos. 

But if you think I was born naturally gifted.... you are WRONG.

My piano career started out as a flop. Piano Career was a flop :(

I started out taking lessons from my mother at a very young age. I could read notes and all that, but never enjoyed it.

We would forget for six months or so to do a lesson, I wouldn't practice, and then when we'd FINALLY have a lesson, I'd have to do the same songs I had six months to work on because I didn't practice.

We finally just gave it up because it was going nowhere...

Sound familiar? Are you in a same situation where you just couldn't be motivated to practice? Lessons were or are useless? 

Motivation is really hard. Fortunately I had a few motivating factors on my side that got me involved again in middle school.

I started to play what I wanted to play. I taught myself. I learned to appreciate the piano, not just think it was half an hour of doing a stupid song in a children's lesson book.

It was a hobby. A passion of mine. One that got me through the hard times. 

I grew up in a very small town called Panaca, Nevada, in the middle of nowhere. Literally.


I didn't have any real lesson opportunities. But despite that, I decided I wanted to become a piano major at Utah State University in Logan, Utah.

I learned quickly that never having consistent lessons made me fall very short of a lofty goal. 

I took lessons for three months during the semester before I auditioned, and worked my butt off!

My hard work paid off when I learned that I had been accepted into the program. To study in a very prestigious music program in the nation. I am currently in the program as a piano major as you read this!

In fact, just recently Professor Dennis Hirst (Current Acting Piano Department Head) said,

"The fact that you are as far as you are in this short amount of time from auditions, is nothing short of astounding."


Want to learn yourself? But feel it's too late?

It has been scientifically proven that self-consciousness is a major reason why adults do not learn as fast as children. 

Take language learning for example. You expect kids to say wrong words, pronounce incorrectly, and just say things that don't make sense.

Yet as adults, we are given a stigma that everything we must do has to be nothing lower than perfection. 

Adults are expected to never make mistakes. 

You, ever since middle school, have probably been told you cannot do it. Or laughed at or made fun of because you didn't do it right the first time.

That is so....

False, you can do it 

Mistakes make us better! They allow us to learn!!!

I make mistakes. Honestly I truly do. I make life mistakes, relationship mistakes, wrong notes on piano, ALL kinds of mistakes!

And that's okay! I make mistakes, you make mistakes, we ALL make mistakes. I attribute most of who I am to mistakes.

That being said...

Have you wanted to learn an instrument but felt it was too late?

How fast do you think you could learn if you had someone that could work through your mistakes WITH you, and not against you?

To have someone be encouraging and show you that nothing is stopping you from progressing except yourself.

It's not too late. Whether you would like to learn because you gave it up and regret it, or you need a hobby, or for any of the other mental, physical, and emotional benefits it gives. It is never too late.


How old are you when you finally can't run a football anymore? What about with playing piano?

I can proudly say that I will be playing piano till I go to the grave. Because no matter what condition I'm in, as long as I have one foot and two arms, I can play piano, and I will. 

If you are in the Logan, Utah area, let me help you accomplish that.

You don't need to live wishing you didn't give it up. Or lack a hobby. Or come back from a job you hate and see the dusty piano sitting uselessly taking up space. 

Email me at: "" to check availability.

 For my lessons policy, you can refer to the bottom of the page. 


Like I said, I don't mean to brag, but I hope that you can see that I am qualified from the musical end, and the children development end. 

I have full confidence in myself that I am well worth the investment for your child and/or you! 

There is nothing better to invest in than yourself. Personal development is the single best investment there is.

When you learn skills and develop yourself personally, the world opens many doors of possibility you didn't even know existed. The same is true for your children. 

So if you are ready to make this commitment. To take the next step. To do something bold. To get the regret out of your life or to bring some fulfillment into it... 

Contact me at "" or check out the page with my piano lessons policy below in the piano lesson section or by clicking here.