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Piano Lessons Policy


So you're interested in taking piano lessons after all! Then let's get started!!!


Many things need to be considered when determining if it will be worthwhile.

Here are the three things I will go over to determine whether it is a good idea to take lessons from me.

*Required items





Required items:

- A full sized keyboard of some kind. Duh. (This includes full sized electric keyboards, uprights, baby grands, and grands.) I cannot teach you if you do not have this. You need this for lessons and practice.


- Required books. These may include lesson books or specific repertoire pieces I assign. I understand music gets expensive, but having a copy they can write in and keep for the future is CRUCIAL to the most effective progression.

*Many repertoire pieces that I will assign are in the public domain and can usually be printed for free. This makes it less expensive for you.


- Pencil. Being able to quickly jot down my suggestions for you in your music is essential in remembering what we talked about over the practice week. 


- Musical Flash Cards. If you already have a very firm understanding of the notes, you do not need this. But for children learning, or beginning adults, it is easiest to visualize and learn using flash cards.

(If you need help finding flash cards, I'm sure "The Book Table" has some, I know the Youth Conservatory on campus sells them, and the internet has TONS of them. You probably will even be able to print some off or make some.)


A metronome. Establishing rhythm is something we ALL need to do. Even the professors use metronomes. Ideally you should have a mechanical one and not a digital one for visual benefits. 


The whole list in summary is: A piano, piano books, pencil, flash cards, (depending on situation) and a metronome.

*These are items that are needed not just during lesson time, but practice time as well. That is why I REQUIRE THEM

*Most of these items we have in our shop. Students will be given an unlimited 10% OFF code for them and their family for the entire time they are my student. 



My pricing is as follows: 

$20 for a 30 minute lesson:

$25 for a 45 minute lesson:

$30 for a 60 minute lesson:

*Payment is due either monthly on the first lesson, or week by week due at the lesson time. 


Question: How long should I make my lesson time? 

Answer: Excellent question! Here is a chart to help you.

For young children under the age of 12, as children have a hard time paying attention for extended periods of time. 30 minute lesson
For intermediate skilled children, and/or beginning adults.  45 minute lesson
For committed children aged 16 and up that take piano very seriously, or intermediate to advanced adults who are serious. 60 minute lesson

***The first lesson will be FREE. If you meet all the requirements, I will come for free to get to know you, your child, (if applicable) and let you get to know me and become comfortable with me.***

We will discuss goals you have, and bounce ideas back and forth. 

***If you have multiple children, you will get $5 off the next child's weekly lesson price for signing them up as well.

This provides even more convenience and savings for you!



-I will come to you. This is particularly beneficial with young children. It is hard to learn effectively in a new place. So I will teach you in the convenience and comfort of your own home!

-Teaching on your own piano. It allows your child to get used to the instrument, and will not differ from lesson to practice. 

-This allows you to be more comfortable knowing that if you need anything, your child is right in the other room.

-Parents are encouraged to come listen to lessons. You at any given point in time can come make sure I'm worth the investment and teaching your child effectively. It also allows parents to help their child when I am not around during lesson time. 

-Scheduling. This is something difficult at times. I will be going to college and will be busy. You will be at work or your kids will be going to school and have other school commitments. I get it. But lessons will generally be in the evenings, but I will allow exceptions when I can. I will do what I can to be convenient for you. Contact me and we'll work it out. 

-Your choice of lesson time. I'm not going to force you to commit to a specific lesson time. If 30 minutes isn't enough we can try to bump it up. If 45 or 60 minutes is too long we can always change. No problem. 


Good things to know:

I know it seems like a lot, but it really isn't. I try to offer affordable, quality, convenient lessons.

However, I will NOT try to offer lessons that I don't see as profitable for you.

If you don't have the required materials, it does not matter how good of a teacher I am.

I have worked hours and hours developing skills to be able to do this for you. I wish I could do it for free but I can't.

If you have the required materials and the commitment, I guarantee I can teach you effectively. 


If you would like to schedule your free first lesson, or have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me at "".