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"Plan Ahead, Save BIG!" Details page:


In order to have a broad range of high quality and unique products, we have hundreds of suppliers from all over the world. This means that our products generally have farther to travel.

That being said, it typically will take longer to reach you. That is why we have dropped prices significantly compared to all our competitors meaning more savings for you!

The trade-off, longer shipping times. 


Our Guarantee:

We understand when you order something online, you want it as soon as possible. We offer a unique situation where you can order, forget, and have a "miniature Christmas," all while saving you some money!

On top of the savings, if you are very patient, we offer COMPLETELY free shipping. On top of that, if you don't want to wait quite as long you also have the option to pay just a couple bucks to get our "expedited shipping" option. This ensures we will pay for a quicker shipping method to get it to you sooner.

If you want more specific details on shipping times, along with many other commonly asked questions, please refer to our FAQs page on the top of the page. Or you can click here:

On top of this, we still offer tracking numbers, email assistance, and our 90-day iron-clad, no-risk money back guarantee! We're that confident!


Bottom Line:

Just so we're clear:

  • You save TONS of money on the product price, JUST for planning ahead.
  • You also have the option to receive COMPLETELY FREE shipping!
  • You'll still have the option to track your order with our "expedited shipping" option.
  • You can email us with ANY questions regarding your order.
  • You have 90 days from your order date to file a full-refund return, no questions asked.

All of this, just to wait a little bit longer.